Ph.D. Training Opportunities

You can register for the doctoral degree in any one of the participating departments: Physics, Chemistry, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Biochemistry/Microbiology/Immunology, or the School of Information Technology. You must satisfy the entrance requirements of the department in which you wish to do your doctoral degree, as well as satisfy the degree requirements of that department. These requirements are detailed on the webpages of the individual departments involved.

You will have a supervisor as well as a co-supervisor attached to the QBM program. In the departments where there is a requirement to perform teaching assistant (TA) duties, usually in the form of one full TA (130 hours) in the fall and one full TA in the winter semesters, QBM-CREATE students will be relieved of one full TA duty, allowing them to spend more time on their research while receiving the same level of financial support. Students will also participate in the QBM seminar series and journal club and professional development seminars, and also be eligible for short-term research visits in the group of one of our collaborators. 

The PhD is usually completed in about 4 years. Note that canadian students (and landed immigrants) admitted to the University of Ottawa with a grade point average of A- (80%) or higher do not pay any tuition fees for four years at the PhD level.  

Excellent foreign applicants may be eligible for special differential tuition fee waiver for the duration of their program. This will allow them to pay the normal tuition fees of a canadian student.

Please contact the principal investigators directly if you are interested in the PhD program.  


Last updated: 2009.12.18