Postdoctoral Training Opportunities

A limited number of postdoctoral positions are available through the QBM-CREATE Training Program. These positions are usually limited to two years. Canadian as well as international students who have obtained their doctorate in recent years are eligible for these positions. These are purely research positions (no teaching), and this training is complemented by professional development training.

VISION 2020 postdoctoral positions are also available through funding from the Province of Ontario, the University of Ottawa and the CREATE program. These special two-year postdoctoral awards are targeted to outstanding applicants and are attributed on a competitive basis. One such position is currently available for a candidate who must start before the end of 2010. THE DEADLINE FOR THIS VISION 2020 POSTDOCTORAL POSITION IS AUGUST 31.  Information for applicants can be found at https://www.grad.uottawa.ca/default.aspx?tabid=2247 .

Please contact the principal investigator you wish to work with directly to apply for a postdoctoral position including the VISION 2020 position.

Last updated: 2009.12.18